Have a question about The Scholars?

Below are a few of our frequently asked questions about The Scholars and our classes. If there’s still a burning question, please email The Scholars and we’d be happy to help with any enquiries.

What exactly is The Scholars course?

The “Scholars” is a specially devised programme for talented young performers who are looking for advanced technical dance classes to compliment their existing dance training.

When and how often does The “Scholars” run and what age-group is it for?

The “Scholars” runs every other Sunday and is for 11-18 year olds.

Where do The “Scholars” classes take place?

At Northern Ballet and Yorkshire Dance, Leeds City Centre.

Do you have to audition and how do you apply?

Entrance to “The Scholars” is by Audition only.  The Scholars hold one annual audition per year.  Auditions cost £10.00 payable on application.  The audition will focus on classical ballet, all attending must have a good classical background and must excel in technical elements of dance.

All students must make an online application for their audition.


What is the standard like?

All of the classes are of an advanced level and taken by Martin Howland & Stillie Dee who are the Directors of R.A. Vocal sessions are also taken by the Musical Director Neil Rigg. As working professionals they know the standards that are expected within the industry and seek out the very best talent.

I saw ‘Scholars Industry Day’ advertised, what’s that?

Once a term we hold an Open Day for “The Scholars”. The whole Faculty joins the classes and we invite special leading directors/artists/performers from commercial, musical and contemporary backgrounds to share their knowledge and experience with our students.

What if occasionally the Sundays clash with festivals, performances that we have booked or would like to attend etc...?

We are fully aware of how busy young performers are. We simply need email notification 28 days prior to “The Scholars” date that could not be attended.

How much are the fees and when do we pay them?

If I missed any dates throughout the term would I still have to pay?

The “Scholars” program needs commitment for performers to get the best from it and we stipulate therefore that all fees are paid for at the beginning of term for all dates. Only in exceptional circumstances is this rule ever revised.

What would we wear to a class?

There is no strict dress code. However all dance-wear must be properly fitted and we ask that all “Scholars” look presentable for all of the classes.

What is the timetable for the day?